Friday, March 12, 2010

Feedback is Fun

Today I saw this on a blog. There were images of our Lost Things stop motion piece. I did a "auto translate" and i LOVE what it said.
I love it when people iron my work several times in succession.
People are lovely. I believe it.

Je viens de tomber sur ce très joli film en stop motion réalisé par la photographe Angela Kohler (allez voir, sur son site, son carnet de notes new yorkais est ravissant). Je n’ai pas grand chose de plus à dire sur ce film si ce n’est : vite, vite, regardez ça comme c’est joli! Je l’ai bien repassé trois ou quatre fois de suite avant de me décider à vous faire partager ce petit bijou, histoire qu’on s’exclame tous en chœur :)

(on est bien d’accord, c’est très Alice in Wonderland, tout ça?)

La voix, derrière les images, est de “A fine Frenzy“, si vous allez sur leur site, plein de morceaux sont en écoute et certains sont pas mal du tout. Voilà, c’est tout pour aujourd’hui, je retourne travailler. Belle après midi sous le soleil!

Et surtout, merci Fanny, pour cette si jolie découverte (comme toujours, sur ton blog)

which translated to this:

I have just fallen on this very pretty film in stop motion accomplished by photographer Angela Kohler (be going to see, on his site, his report card new yorkais is delightful). I do not have thing big furthermore to be said on this film if it is not: quickly, quickly, look this how it is pretty! I ironed well it three or four times in succession before deciding on me to make you share this small jewel, history that they cry all together:) (they agree, it is very Alice in Wonderland, all this?) The voice, behind pictures, belongs of " To fine Frenzy ", if you go on their site, full of pieces some people are in listening and are quite a lot of whole. Here it is everything for today, I turn work. Nice after midday under the sun! And especially, thank you Fanny, for this so pretty discovery (as always, on your blog)


Ariko said...

I firstly discovered the Kindle campaign and felt inlove with it (I have a minor in Advertising so falling in love with campaigns is not some weirdness of mine :D)and a few days after I found on a blog a picture of yours (didn't know that both are your masterpieces). I was about to write about you on my blog, but than I found this. I thought you probably won't be able to read about my admiration for you on my blog (my native language is Romanian) so I thought leaving a comment here would be much more efficient. I absolutely love your work. It is subtle and pretty and profund. Can't wait to see what is next. Good luck with everything!

her said...

oh the things that are lost in translation.
an mr/ms ariko has a point, so i would like to take the time now to say que la admiro a usted y su trabajo - ¡son bellos los dos!
human translation: i admire you and your work - you both are beautiful!